Mitsubishi and Realtime Robotics speed up time to implement industrial robots

Realtime Robotics, a developer of autonomous motion planning for industrial robots, is collaborating with Mitsubishi Electric Automation to accelerate the programming and control of industrial robots through innovative motion control and collision avoidance software.

The two companies demonstrated the combination of Realtime Robotics RapidPlan robot programming and motion control software with Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots in a demonstration cell at the Mitsubishi Electric Automation booth at the recent Automate Show 2022.

In the demonstration, two robots (RV-7FRL and RV-8CRL) simulated movement to various points of interest on the part, while the collaborative robot ASSISTA moved to inspect various points of interest.

Using a touchscreen, a user can tap to change target assignment, add/remove existing targets, drag and drop targets to change their order.

A user can start, stop and reset all robots or individual robots without any reprogramming or motion plan validation.

Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics, says, “The time spent programming and reprogramming industrial robots is widely recognized as a task that can take up far too much of an engineer’s time.

“We are fortunate to work with a partner such as Mitsubishi Electric who understands how improving this process can be a huge improvement for manufacturers.”

Patrick Varley, Product Marketing Director for Mechatronics at Mitsubishi, said, “Realtime Robotics’ technology has the ability to accelerate deployment, operations and production for manufacturers, helping to improve their cost structures and lead times. of placing on the market.

“It is through collaboration with the most innovative technology providers that we can truly be ‘better together.'”

Additionally, during Automate 2022, Realtime Robotics announced the new version of its revolutionary motion planning software RapidPlan and that its leaders are taking part in various conferences at the event.

Mavis R. Bernier